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Sugar tax makes it to S.F. ballot

San Franciscans will decide whether to levy a 2-cents-per-ounce tax on soda and other sugary beverages and spend the proceeds on health programs for children, after the Board of Supervisors placed the tax measure on the November ballot at Tuesdays’ board meeting.
The proposed soda tax garnered the most discussion and attention Tuesday. The six supervisors backing that measure appeared surprised by the opposition of Supervisors Jane Kim, Katy Tang, London Breed and Norman Yee, who raised concerns about whether a tax is the best way to reduce consumption and if the money will be used in the communities most affected by diabetes, obesity and other health problems tied to a diet high in sugar.

Yet even before their colleagues spoke against the measure, the supporters - Supervisors Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, David Campos and Mark Farrell - acknowledged that the campaign will be an uphill battle against the well-funded beverage industry, which has been working for months to drum up opposition to the tax and has repeatedly beaten back similar efforts elsewhere. 

Supervisors cited health data showing that one-third of children are on track to develop diabetes, a number that rises to 50 percent for Latino and African American children. 

"This effort is years in the making, and it's about the health of our families, our communities and our neighborhoods," said Mar, adding that opponents have been at work for months setting up what he called "bogus front groups."

"Don't be fooled. This is a reasonable, common-sense measure, and if passed it would provide tremendous health benefits," he said. 

Cohen, who represents a largely African American district, said it's a "life and death issue," for communities of color.

"We can't wait any longer," she said. "Bullets are not the only things killing young African American males. We also have sugary beverages."

But Kim said that while she supports the intent of the legislation, she believes the tax would place "a burden unfairly on some groups," namely low-income residents and people of color. 

Both the CDHA and the SFDHS have backed the legislation, and have provided data and support directly to the measure. If you live in San Francisco, please consider voting in support of this measure. 

Unlike the proposed east bay tax, these funds CANNOT be used by the general fund, and will go directly towards funding programs related to active recreation, school lunch programs, physical education, and food access in SF schools. I encourage you to visit the website and get the facts:http://www.choosehealthsf.com/get_the_facts

Stay tuned for updates as the November election draws closer.

Michael Laflamme, RDH, B.A.
SFDHS Immediate Past President
CDHA and SFDHS Public Relations Chair
ADHA Delegate

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